Full Body Strength Workout With Keegan Hirst

Full Body Strength Workout With Keegan Hirst

Full Body Strength Workout With Keegan Hirst

Written By: SportsShoes

The latest instalment of our #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME series and our mission to keep you active at home brings in the expertise of professional rugby league player Keegan Hirst.

Keegan has been a professional player for 13 years and is a qualified coach. With this workout he will be showing us how to maintain our base fitness and strength when the gym is off-limits.

Use it or Lose it

Without the structure and routine of regular gym sessions, it’s all too easy to lose motivation and fall off the fitness wagon. The gym may be a no-go right now but we can still keep our base fitness ticking over, so that when we’re back at it, we don’t have to build back up to where we previously were.

This full body strength blast session is designed to not only work on all-over body strength and help us continue to maintain and even build strength at home, but also shows us how we can make use of everyday items around the house to make our workout even more challenging and effective.


  • Helps maintain and even build muscle at home
  • Increases resting metabolism
  • Utilises items in the home to deliver a tougher, more efficient workout
  • Hits all muscle groups and works on full body strength.
  • Boosts energy levels and mental wellness
  • Helps build strength for runners

Workout Summary

1. Backpack squats

2. Towel hamstring curls

3. Resistance band row

4. Push up variations

5. Prone Cobra (lat engagement)

Top Tips to Maximise your Workout

  • Create a full body routine with 10-12 reps of every exercise with no rest. Complete 5 x sets.
  • Make exercises harder and more efficient at home by slowing them down
  • Make use of regular household items for extra loading or adding depth
  • Bear in mind sleep, nutrition and general activity levels as factors when you work out at home.
  • Use it or lose it – even if you can’t progress, you can still maintain muscle and fitness at home.

Sportsshoes.com’s #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME initiative features exclusive advice and workouts from our ambassadors and experts, helping runners and all fitness enthusiasts to stay motivated, fit and active – at home. Tune in via @sportsshoes Instagram for our latest livestreams covering everything you need to know from stretching and mobility to nutrition and motivating playlists.

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