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Inov8 Roclite G345 GORE-TEX Trail Walking Boots - SS22

RRP £154.99£79.99 - RRP £154.99

Inov8 Roclite G345 GORE-TEX Trail Walking Boots - SS22

RRP £154.99£79.99 - RRP £154.99

Colour: Black

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Don't let any weather prevent you from hiking with the Inov8 Roclite 345 GORE-TEX Walking Boots. With supreme comfort, an extremely secure grip, and a...

  • Waterproof Shoe
  • Product Code: INO1682

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Inov8 Roclite 345 GORE-TEX Walking Boots

Don't let any weather prevent you from hiking with the Inov8 Roclite 345 GORE-TEX Walking Boots. With supreme comfort, an extremely secure grip, and a GORE-TEX upper that will provide you with durable waterproof protection, the boot is perfect for winter walking.

Inov8 Shoe Fit Scale

For technical footwear, a good fit is essential to enhance your performance. Inov8's new Shoe Fit Scale makes it easier to find the perfect fitting shoe. All Inov8 shoes are designed with Met-Cradle technology to lock down the mid-foot for a stable hold, where they differ is in the toe box. The shoes are now graded from 1 to 5, Grade 1 representing their closest, most precise fit and Grade 5 representing the widest fitting toe box.

The lower the number on the scale, the narrower the fit, which ensures minimal internal movement of the foot when running fast on technical terrain. Shoes with the higher numbers on the scale will suit athletes with a wider foot and those wanting that extra comfort in the toe box. This wider toe box allows the toes to splay for increased stability when lifting heavy weights. It's also perfect for longer runs and races when toes begin to swell.

Inov8 have graded the Roclite 345 GORE-TEX Walking Boots as Grade 3.


Water is prevented from entering the shoe and causing discomfort as there is a GORE-TEX layer. A thin durable membrane surrounds the upper of the shoe which blocks all water from entering the shoe and coming into contact with your feet. Despite blocking all water from entering, this doesn't mean that moisture cannot escape. As you begin to sweat, small molecules are able to escape through the upper before evaporating. This will keep your feet feeling dry and fresh through the course of the day. For further ventilation, air can pass through the shoe material, which means hot air can escape and be replaced by cooler air, to keep the feet feeling refreshed. The boot uses ADAPTERWEB, a technology developed by Inov8 which adapts to the natural movement and swelling of the feet while in motion. The material covering the toes is extremely thick and tough, which will prevent injuries from occurring through stubbings and other bumps. Covering the heel, the shoe uses the X-LOCK system. This holds the heel in place, preventing slipping and other movements, whilst it also provides additional support. Up the foot laces with eyelets make finding a secure fit easy to achieve, and a padded tongue will ensure that it will also be comfortable. A padded ankle collar will prevent irritation through rubbing and chafing, and additionally, there is increased support, which will prevent injuries.

EVA Midsole

Injected into the midsole, there is strong EVA that works to both protect and cushion the feet. Towards the top the EVA is more cushioned, which will provide a soft feel directly on the sole of the foot. Maximising comfort, this will ensure that you will stay in comfort all day long on the trails. As you get further down the midsole, the EVA changes in that it is more shock-absorbing, which means that any bumps and knocks from rocky and uneven terrain is absorbed instantly, preventing the sharp impacts from coming into contact with the feet. Using a POWERFLOW midsole, the boot delivers 10% better shock absorption than a standard midsole, and in addition towards the forefoot, the midsole also provides you with a 15% better energy return than normal Inov8 boots. Firm and sturdy, the solid structure of the midsole will increase the boots lifespan, holding its shape and functionality over a long period of time. Within the midsole, the boot uses a META-PLATE shank. This aligns directly behind the metatarsals, which will provide greater forefoot flexibility as well as control, whilst also retaining underfoot impact protection.

G-Grip Rubber Outsole

Featuring Inov8's G-Grip, the graphene grip rubber outsole provides unrivalled grip and traction over unpredictable surfaces, whilst increasing the outsole durability across a variety of terrain, from mud to wet mountain rock and hard-packed trials, the Roclite 345 has you covered.

What Is Graphene Grip?

The revolutionary Graphene Grip technology is the toughest and most durable outsole compound that Inov8 has ever created, arguably the toughest and most durable outsole compound on earth. Graphene Grip is scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, and 50% harder wearing. Inov8 has gone from using 3 compounds with varying levels of grip vs durability to 1 compound which is Inov8's most sticky but durable outsole yet.

Manufacturer Code: INO000802BKM01

  • GORE-TEX Upper - Waterproof membrane surrounds the upper.
  • Breathable - Air can flow in and out of the shoe for ventilation.
  • ADAPTERWEB - The shoe adapts to natural movement and swelling during motion.
  • Toe Protection - Thicker coverage over the toes protects them from bumps and knocks.
  • X-LOCK System - Holds the heel in place, preventing injuries from occurring.
  • Lace Eyelets - Up the foot laces with eyelets for secure fitting.
  • Padded Tongue - Soft padded tongue makes the fit feel more comfortable.
  • Ankle Collar - Soft ankle collar reduces chafing and rubbing, whilst also provides strong support.
  • Cushioned EVA - Towards the top, the EVA is more cushioned increasing comfort.
  • Shock Absorbing - Bottom half of the midsole absorbs bumps and shocks from uneven ground.
  • POWERFLOW Outsole - Delivers 10% better shock absorption and 15% better energy return.
  • Solid Structure - Firm and solid structure will protect the boots from damage.
  • META-PLATE Shank - Aligned with the metatarsals to provide greater forefoot flexibility and conttrol
  • G-GRIP Rubber Outsole- Unrivalled grip, traction, and durability on a wide range of terrain.
  • Multi-Directional Cleats - Anchors the foot to the ground, whilst it can also remove debris to improve functionality.
  • Stack Height - 16mm
  • Heel to Toe Drop - 8mm
  • Weight - 325g

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Please note, all taxes and duties are included in the price for any order shipped to mainland EU.

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